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The goals and purposes of the Maryland Society of Professional Family Mediators are: (i) to promulgate and enforce stringent standards for family mediators in the State of Maryland; (ii) to admit as Members of the Society only those family mediators who are possessed of the highest degree of education, skill, experience, and overall competence and who meet the highest ethical standards; (iii) to promote the public's awareness of family mediation as an alternative to traditional litigation; (iv) to provide an information and referral service for those persons seeking to employ the services of a family mediator; (v) to provide such assistance as may be requested by the Courts of the State of Maryland and by other governmental agencies in matters which relate or pertain to family mediation; (vi) to provide mediation training to those persons who aspire to become family mediators or who wish to improve their family mediation skills; (vii) to implement a mentoring program for family mediators; (viii) to act as consultants and advisors with respect to family mediation; and, (ix) to author, publish, sell, and distribute books, pamphlets, articles, periodicals, circulars, manuals, reports, journals, curriculums, audio tapes, video tapes, visual aids, computer programs, and all form and manner of artistic and literary works which are necessary or desirable to promote and carry out the purposes of the Society.

    Membership in the Society is limited to those persons who meet the following qualifications:

    (a) A member must be an attorney-at-law admitted to practice before the Court of Appeals of Maryland and be in good standing before that Court.

    (b) A member must have not less than fifteen (15) years experience in the practice of family law and/or in the practice of family mediation.

    (c) A member must be engaged in the full time practice of family mediation both as a private practitioner and on referral from a Court of general jurisdiction.

    (d) A member must be a Practitioner Member in good standing of the Academy of Family Mediators and meet or exceed all continuing training and educational requirements of the Academy.

    (e) A member must have not less than 150 hours of formal training in mediation skills.

    (f) A member must have participated as a teacher or trainer in the education of prospective family mediators.

    (g) A member must subscribe to the Standards of Practice for Family and Divorce Mediation promulgated by the Academy of Family Mediators, and the Model Standards of Conduct for Mediators promulgated by the American Bar Association.

    (h) A member must be recognized in his or her community as a competent and professional family mediator.

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