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The Maryland Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission is a multi-disciplinary statewide body, chaired by the Honorable Robert M. Bell, Chief Judge of the Maryland Court of Appeals, and vice-chaired by Dean Donald G. Gifford of the University of Maryland School of Law. Its work grows out of the Commission on the Future on the Maryland Courts' recommendation to expand and implement a variety of ADR programs. ADR Commission members include judges, legislators, state and local government officials, lawyers, mediators, arbitrators, business representatives, community representatives, academics, court personnel and other policy maker from across the state.

The ADR Commission believes that expanded and new ADR services and education will increase the public's access to justice, make the courts more user-friendly, increase resources for traditional litigation, empower more people to control the outcomes of their own disputes, and promote a more peaceful and civil society.

ADR Commission members will collaborate to develop and implement a practical plan of action to expand and create ADR services and public understanding in Maryland, with the goal of leading the nation in the successful use of ADR, both within and outside the litigation  process.

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